Routing with Next.js
A practical look at routing within the Next.js framework.
Cross-Platform Width in Context
Using React's Context API to do media queries.
Make Your CSS Polished
A collection of goodies for those writing CSS in JavaScript
React Native Discovery
A series of investigations into React Native integration and libraries
Make Your Code Prettier
End the days of PRs that debate formatting issues. Focus on the code!
Web Cryptography and Why?
Looking into the API used for encrypting, decrypting and when to use it
Implementing Flow
Learning and finagling Flow, a JavaScript type checker from Facebook
AWS Lambda API Scaling
Finding the limits using Gatling against AWS API Gateway & Lambda
What is this Fela?
Checking out one of the newer CSS-in-JavaScript kids on the block
React Native Familiarization
Looking to combine web apps with native apps? This is your jam
A First Look at Claudia.JS
If you have used Serverless, but curious what else is out there
Serverless Framework Alternatives
If you have used Serverless, but curious what else is out there
The Learning Process
A high-level dissection of when to use a starter-pack or doing it from scratch
Some Development Notes
A compilation of notes and thoughts after a year of becoming more closely aligned with the world of JavaScript development
A New Cell Phone
Documenting a transition, including pains and gains, from a paying phone service to a free, via exciting apps and the help of the giant, Google
What We Need
A comment on the world of options we live in and the direction I hope our behaviors will move toward
Simplicity & Complexity
A partial review of a book that can shape your perspective on design, life, and everything in between