David Sinclair


I am a developer with a passion to learn and contribute. I have recent experience coding React websites, React Native phone applications, and backend services needed to supply and compute data. I seek out best practices and standards in technology. I enjoy collaborating with teammates and clients alike to build complete solutions. Looking forward, I strive to continue learning in an ever-changing field of software engineering, building intuitive applications, and collaborating with passionate and friendly people. For fun, I often play fútbol, dabble in photography, and hike.



Senior Front-End Engineer at REI Co-Op

2024–Present · Cedar Team · Remote

  • Maintained a component library with enhancements and additions
  • Created a base layer for all action-based components to increase accessibility and brand consistency
  • Worked with project owners and development teams to increase efficiency by finding solutions to practical engineering needs
  • Advocated and helped find company-wide patterns for working with content within the CMS
  • Reduced development and content creation costs while increasing brand consistency across landing pages

2021–2024 · Experiences Team · Remote

  • Created a block component system that worked with the existing CMS for allowing faster and more compliant content creation
  • Helped onboard new software developers
  • Led development for targetted landing pages for new brands and campaigns
  • Upgraded all components in various microsites to meet ARIA compliance and reach brand alignment
  • Helped develop the UI for a new checkout experience that upgraded a half a decade old design

Senior Engineer at Veyl Ventures

2021 · Remote

  • Built universal checkout page using Next.js (React) that supported multiple brands and domains with a single code base. It was feature rich, including options for upsells, coupons, and language support, while still allowing brand specific themes and design
  • Created server side rendered, react, e-commerce websites for brands of the company
  • Created optimized landing pages for sales
  • Team lead for all React developmemt and front-end best practices
  • Created an automated return portal to reduce CX contact
  • Added i18n functionality across sales and checkout pages

Senior Engineer at Guild Mortgage

2019–2021 · FTE · Remote

  • Upgraded React Native phone application to use the latest versions of all dependencies, providing a platform for future releases and allowing automated build scripts.
  • Created and maintained automated end-2-end tests, unit tests, and API tests for all JavaScript projects. These tests were used to ensure code quality and functionality requirements before code reviews and QA testing, increasing team efficiency.
  • Integrated React components as part of transitioning an older PHP website into an API driven single page application. This allowed new designs and functionality to be implemented progressively without negatively impacting the user.

2018–2019 · Contractor · San Diego, CA

  • With a small team, built and submitted to Apple App Store a React Native mobile application that allows sales agents to support client needs. The application was designed and styled for iOS and Android devices. As a senior member of the team, I also took the lead on technology and implementation decisions and code reviews.
  • Created boilerplates for multiple projects and led technology choices within the React ecosystem.
  • Led a team of three to create a single page application for uploading documents using React Native Web (for some cross-platform components).

JavaScript Engineer at Sony Electronics

2016–2018 · Rancho Bernardo, CA

  • Helped develop front end and back end features for a content manager that customers work with directly to produce phone applications used by college students and large events. The UI was built with Webpack, React, Redux. The APIs utilized AWS Lamda, Cognito, Dynamo, CloudWatch, and Google Firebase.
  • Successfully allowed golf swings, recorded on Android devices, to be analyzed by machine learning scripts. This was accomplished by building a Node API for transferring data from the device to AWS, a React Native phone application for Android devices, and coordinating with team members that placed code onto an AWS EC2 Instance. The phone application worked on tablets and phones by recording a swing of a video, sending the video and human profile to the Node API, and executing a python script with supplied data.
  • Helped build and ship an interactive WebGL game for the 2018 SXSW event in Texas, in a very short time span. The game imported 3D models, rendered them on a projector, allowed players to interact with the models, had sound effects, and turned out to be a huge success. Babylon.js, Webpack, React, Electron, and Node technologies allowed the game to work on any computer.
  • Fixed bugs and helped maintain Play Memories Online.
  • Prototyped a working Tennis Challenge mobile application in three weeks with more functionality than requested. The prototype was used for a successful live demonstration to a tennis school in Japan. The application was built using React, Redux, AWS, Webpack, and Express.
  • Maintained a widely used, company built, Yeoman generator boilerplate. Added functionality in free time to allow TypeScript 2, Webpack, and Yarn as options within the generator. The generator also utilized React, Redux, Express, Sass, Less, and Browserify. Fixed errors within generator for open source release.
  • Researched and presented front and back end technologies for implementing into future projects. Topics included: AWS Lambda scaling, the Serverless Framework and alternatives, React Native integration, React International, and Fela CSS.

Front End Engineer at Pathway Genomics

2015–2016 · San Diego, CA

Led and contributed to a variety of engineering projects that affected both front and back end web applications. Specialized in building JavaScript-based prototypes of the OME health app.

  • Built and designed a highly successful interactive iPad web demo of OME, a health app, for the company to demonstrate at various IBM events. Demo gained public interest and generated outside investments. Backbone JS was used as a framework for managing routes, Underscore for rendering templates, and code bundling with Browserify.
  • Built and designed a working prototype of the OME health app in the form of a responsive web app. The prototype was a major success in helping the API team work out bugs, displaying functionality to upper management, allowing a smoother API hand-off to the iOS app developers, and allowing team leaders to adjust engineering efforts to what investors were most interested in. The prototype utilized real data had an authentication piece and incorporated geo-location. The prototype was built using ES6, React, Flux, Sass styling, and Webpack for bundling. The web application was responsive and targeted all devices.
  • Solved issues and contributed to the OME health app team. Developed and documented Node API endpoints for the OME app, which connected to a RabbitMQ service for authentication. Fixed Objective-C and Java security and encryption issues the iOS app and QA teams encountered.
  • Contributed to the general engineering team by creating APIs based on json:api specifications, developing new Angular JS pages, and modernizing frequently used tools.

Senior Web Developer at Elevated

2012–2015 · Carlsbad, CA

Led and contributed to web development projects, mainly using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP coding languages. Creating, theming, and maintaining content management systems, including Drupal, Magento, Movable Type, Wordpress, and Zend Framework. Managing multiple projects while utilizing contract designers and developers. Meeting with clients to explore new projects as well as discuss project progress and options. Configuring domains, internal and external web servers, maintaining the company network, on and offsite data storage, and all IT needs. Designing and developing responsive emails for MailChimp distribution.

  • Magento development experience in installing and customizing Magento extensions for clients, customizing and installing themes, and creating new storefronts from start to finish.
  • Created an online wine shop using a custom Wordpress theme and the Shopp plugin
  • Developed the company website, including creating a custom Wordpress theme, LESS stylesheets with a two-stage responsive design, and CRM integration with Podio.
  • Setup and maintenance of a Linux-based file and web server. Data storage utilized a local Drobo device and Google Drive cloud storage for data loss prevention and quick access. The server was set up as a Virtual Machine under Mac OS X and made accessible locally or through SFTP.
  • Improved sales efficiency by programming all leads generation forms to automatically populate the team's CRM, including advanced spam prevention.
  • Aided in CRO projects with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise for executing multivariate tests.


  • Optimizely Platform Certified, 2015
  • U.C. San Diego Extension—Graphic Design Certified, 2011
  • U.C. San Diego—B.A. Political Science, 2008